Hans-Kristian Koren

I'm a developer mainly working with financial software at Itera and Cicero plus various side projects. Currently I'm mostly doing typed JavaScript with Flow, React and React Native development, but I also have some experience with Python, Ruby (on Rails) and Java.



JavaScriptReact NativeiOSAndroid

Create and share your own gift lists. An app I created for a client for both iOS and Android.

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JavaScriptReact NativeiOSAndroid

Track your strength workouts effortlessly.

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JavaScriptReact NativeiOSAndroid

A social football app I built for a client a couple of years ago when React Native was still in its early stages. One can safely say that React Native is continuously improving for the better. It was available on both iOS and Android.

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The tool I use to create invoices. Generates PDFs using wkhtmltopdf.



A tool for tracking time spent on different tasks during the course of a day.



A flexible React Component for rendering standard monthly calendars.



During my time at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology I helped build the new website for the fraternity Abakus. A rather big project written in React and Django.

Running Pace Calculator

JavaScriptReactReact Native Web

Calculate the required pace and speed to reach a running time-goal. Uses AI for smart inputs.

JavaScript library and command line interface for Deltek's Maconomy time reporting software. Made it because their UI is objectively useless and I have to use it every week.


I'm all over the internet, including LinkedIn and GitHub. You can also email me at hanse@koren.im.